Cocoa Scheme for Planasker School

Highland News, 1 February 1913:
Mr Kerr begs to acknowledge with thanks donation in connection with the cocoa dinner scheme for Calbost schoolchildren, from Mrs Platt, Eishken Lodge, Dr Murray MOH Stornoway, Councillor A Maclennan Stornoway, Messrs A and W Mackenzie, Point Street Stornoway.  Planasker School District includes the townships of Marvig and Calbost, the latter village being too far away for the children to get home in the dinner hour.  As pupils do not as a rule carry pieces in their pockets, many of the youngest children – mites between five and eight – suffered considerably during the stormy months of November and December.  Although the school was thrown open on every possible occasion, and the actual dinner hour curtailed to that the pupils might get earlier home, this plan sllightly interfered with the work of the school.
Mr Kerr, who takes more than a hireling’s interest in his “big family” was struck with the depression seen amongst the youngsters on stormy days and the idea of giving each Calbost child a hot cup of cocoa (and a biscuit where necessary) at the dinner hour has been set agoing.  Miss Zoe Kerr who has recently been appointed as temporary assistant, assisted by one or two senior girls, will see to the distribution and washing up.  Each child brings his or her own mug, jug or cup and these are stored at the school.
As the Board (Lochs) cannot undertake the responsibility of this dinner scheme, Mr Kerr will be please to receive further donations of cocoa or biscuits from any friends interested in the movement.  A beginning was made on Friday when about 40 children enjoyed their cocoa, and as many brought their own pieces the expenses connected with the biscuit supply are somewhat reduced, but no needy child will be refused a biscuit or its equivalent.  Dr Murray as medical officer for school children is taking a deep interest in the scheme.